Why make toned Cyanotypes?

Once I'd found out what to use, anything that contains Tannin I was quite pleased with the first results and from then on it became my intention to obtain the best print possible. I followed lots of instructions online to make a start but the results only approached what I was looking for. In my autodidactic fashion I thought there's only one way, keep trying and think.

One interesting thing was using cartridge paper for proofs and then something a lot more expensive for a finished print. Until I realised that the cartridge paper produced far better prints, this as they say is what you find.

Why use Blogger?

I used to buy domain names and used another paid host for my web sites. When I started in 1998 it was very cheap some of it free but as the years rolled by it got more and more expensive.

I'd used Blogger since it started and over the years its configurability got better and better until now when I'm able to add HTML to a blog, I can make it look like a web site as easily as this one.

It's main advantage is being free, I'm not bothered about fancy templates people who come to my various sites don't either they just want the same as me information and the easiest way to present that is exactly the way Blogger works.

Access to all the editing tools is on one page and there is lots of help from Google itself, from YouTube and from countless generous people who kindly author lots of 'How to' pages.

Now every blog has an SSL certificate from its installation on Blogspot's web server which activates the padlock and the https protocol, allowing secure connections from a web server to a browser.

I can buy a domain name now from Google for a tenner and attach it to a blog as I have done to this one, simple.