How to PDF

I send out a 'how to' PDF to people who send me a nice message. Why? It takes ages to write stuff concisely. Some years ago I did a video/screencast and put it on You Tube and offered the PDF to go alongside it.

In the seven years that followed not one person ever made a print! Very few people even said thank you!! I got pissed off with wasting my time and effort and took the video down in 2021.

People are beginning to find this site and occasionally contacting me through alternative

99% of them are just dilettantes who collect information and do absolutely nothing with it, there is another word for them and that rhymes with 'bankers'.

If you are not one of these and you are prepared to make a 100% concentrated effort over many months then do contact me. You will initially receive an email full of nasty expletives if you can get through that you may have the PDF.

In your nice message you will explain what you've done so far and what you are keen to do.

The three interlinked camera parameters

It is in the interest of digital camera manufacturers to hide these three parameters from gullible idiots with more money than common sense. 99% of the software in cameras is absolute bollocks and no more use than ornament. The incremental improvements in new models is one of the biggest confidence tricks ever played on so called photographers.

"photographers" who very rarely take their cameras out for fear of a devaluing scratch. They want to sell them for the best price they can get so they can buy the "new" model.

I do a PDF that explains how to get around all the bullshit and stop being a snapper and become a Photographer, note the capital.

I use f'ing uncompromising language it's NOT for the faint hearted they can GO ..... NOW!

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